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    I have a refurbished Cleveland Brake conversion kit with every part needed to install on the
    Pilatus P3 available

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    Your best option is the dynon EFIS D10a

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    I have some I can spare. Send me your address

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    There are several engine overhaul shops that work on the Lycoming GO engines.

    Airframe parts are available.

    There are three P-3 flying with direct drive engines.

    I hope this helps.

    704 562 3751

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    The original manuals are in German, there is no English version,
    I can provide copies of the original manuals


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    All Original Aircraft without any modifications

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    Call me at 704-562-3751 Norbert

    I replaced the Carb. with a Airflow Performance Fuel Injection System.

    The GO-540 will bolt into the existing motor mount,
    the IO-540 has a different mounting system

    the 480 Cyl. will fit with some modification to the 435 block you get maybe 300 HP if you fit fuel injection

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    mmmmmmmm Myers_Jack.jpg

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    You will have to change the Gage and the Probe.
    Did you check in Switzerland with Ruag 41-91873411, Farner 41-326548123 Rene Fock, they may have a original probe


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    The MS28034-1 Temp. Probe will most likely NOT Work, the probe in the P3 operates two gages. I believe there is no more supply of the original part. I replaced the front Gage with a UMA unit, Cost $ 200.00 for Gage and Probe. I have one in stock if needed


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    Airfleet Capital Inc. 866-808-6040 advertises in the EAA Magazine

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    A-827 ist F-AZPU Sweitzer# HB-RCC Besitzer Dirk Sadlowski, Gelbe P3 Photo in der Gallery.

    Ich Hoffe es hilft

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    Just call me at 704-562-3751; I can answer all your questions in more detail.

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    An inquiry with the FAA Frankfurt Germany may be of some help to you. To my knowledge, N# registered P3 has never been operated in Europe. There are some on the
    British, France, and Swiss Registry.

    1. FAA – Frankfurt International Field Office (IFO)
    Frankfurt International Field Office PSC 115 Box 1026 APO, AE 09213-0115 … 60435 Frankfurt am Main. Phone: 49-69-7535-7700 Fax: 49-69-7535-7751 …

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